We believe in relationship... building a partnership with businesses, non-profits, and households based on trust, loyalty, communication, and integrity. We know that if we help you thrive, we will also. No family, entrepreneur or business owner should go at it alone. Help is here. Let Three Strands Accounting take care of the tax and accounting work so you can focus on your family and passion that fuels your business or ministry. That is what matters most! The bottom line is we want to help you better manage your finances  and together we’ll trust God, our faithful provider, for the rest. It's a three strand partnership that is not easily broken. 


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We provide all the financial services needed to keep your financial records clean and accurate and your organization or family in check with the IRS and your state and local governments. 

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Our pricing model is based on your size, transactional activity and complexity, not a flat hourly rate. You know exactly what you are paying for when you work with us. Feel free to ask us questions about our pricing.

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Not the typical accountant...

Meet Chris, the owner. You'll love his kindness and caring heart towards his clients. He thrives on contributing to the success of others.

Success in business depends more on relationships than spreadsheets
— Alan Cohen

Relationship-based Service

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